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New! CakeArt Gold Collection: Graceland 

Visit our stands at the following shows!

Cake International. Birmingham NEC: 4th- 6th November 2016. Stand B27

Cake and Bake Manchester: Event City. 10th - 13th October 2016 Stand C373

 Dee-Vine-m&l-W Dee-Vine-c2-W
New! CakeArt Gold Collection: Dee-Vine 
New Collection! Unique Finish VIVID DIAMOND Lustre Dusts 

Why Choose Crystal Candy? Because our products are of a superior quality both in terms of design and materials. But at an affordable price.

Plus we offer a constant stream of new designs and innovative product collections.

Our silicon mats are made from high quality, thick and longer-lasting food-grade silicon and all the designs are hand-made and unique. A thicker silicon mat means that it does not move around or buckle when spreading the icing, ensuring a clearly defined design. 

SIGNATURE BLEND ICING is the the very best 2D/3D product for creating edible lace effect strips to decorate cakes. It is highly concentrated: 100g of powder makes 700g of emulsion which in turn makes 30 - 35 strips of icing. And at a great price too!

Plus we are now creating new and unique collections such as EDIBLE DIAMONDS, UNIQUE FINISH DIAMOND LUSTRE DUSTS and much more.

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New Designs! Royalty, Dream Catcher, Fabulous Fuchsia and Princess Jewels! 
BRAND New! Royalty!New! The Royalty Cake


princess j-l2-w  princess-j-c4-w
New! Princess Jewels Silicon Mat Design!     The Princess Jewels Cake +         Edible Diamonds
pa-wpa m&l wpa 2-wa66 edible-diamonds-in-25-bedazzling-colours. compressed
EXTREME CAKE DECORATING!!!  We Supply the Mat Design + the Diamonds. You Supply the Time!
EXTREME Cake Decorating: THE VIDEO!!! 
fab fuchsia l2-w  fab fuchsia c1-w
New! Fabulous Fuchsia   The Fabulous Fuchsia Cake 


da lace wda-cake-w
New Design! Dream CatcherThe Dream Catcher Cake


New and Updated Demonstration Video! How to make edible lace using Crystal Lace icing, mat design and lustre dusts!


crystal-candy-paisley-teardrop-silicon-mat-web paisley-teardrop-web
 New Design: Paisley TearDrop     The Paisley TearDrop Cake 

New Design: Will O The Wisp

   The Will O the Wisp Cake


      3D Opulence Flower & Tutorial 


New Pearlescent Lustre Dust by Crystal Candy 




NEW DESIGN!!! Hello Summer. Available Now!
Special Delivery? All our orders go 1st Class Royal Mail or Airmail. But if you need your order in a hurry because you have a deadline to meet then simply use the contact form on this website to let us know you need it sent priority. We will then send you a price and arrival date. Or email [email protected]


New Collection! New Technique! ChocArt!

Technique 1: ChocONChoc       Technique 2: ChocOColour

make-a-wish--chocart-mat&-panel-web live-love-laugh--chocdisc--mat&-discs-web live love laugh cakelive-love-laugh--chocdisc-lolly-pops-web
ChocArt: Silicon Mats for Creating Chocolate Panels!        ChocArt Discs In Action! In Action!


Take a look at our new ChocArt Technique Tutorial

live love laugh cake
 emojicon-choc-mat-&discs-webfunimals-cupcakes-web  icy lollypops
 New! The Crystal Candy Happy Day's Collection!

What a Great Show! Cake International London 16.Take a look at our Facebook page to see to see images and videos. 

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Why Is Crystal Lace Icing the Best on the Market! Click Here!                                                                              

New!! CakeArt Gold Collection Silicon Mat Design: Fairy Leaves The Fairy Leaves CupCake 


New Collection! So Intense Coloured Powders. 

For the deepest colours with excellent coating properties for confectionery.

Intense, true and lasting colors. 100% concentrate without any fillers.
Because of their fantastic properties, shades can be creatively mixed to colour an infinite variety of products. Can be used to colour all oil or water based food products. Perfect for coloring of chocolate, icing, fondant, royal icing, Crystal Lace Signature Blend and so much more 

hidden heart gc - mat + lacehidden-heart-cake-web
New Design! Hidden Heart The Hidden Heart Cake!
chandelier-love-mat-&-lace-web use         chandelier-love-gc-cake-gold--web
New Design! Chandelier Love    The Chandelier Love Cake
 paradise-webres turqoise-swan-cake-paradise--webres
New Design! CakeArt Gold: Paradise   Paradise Lost Cake 
mystic-thistle-gold-mat-web2 mystic-thistle-gold-cake-web 
New Design! Mystic Thistle In Action 
New!! Apron Dresses. Part of the Crystal Candy 'Art of Elegance' Collections. New Lower Prices!
margot_webingrid web unicapa_oliviafresaweb
New! Apron Dress: Margot New Apron Dress: Ingrid New Apron Dress: Lisa


New! Be A Crystal Candy ANGELNew! The 3D Flower Kit New! The 3D Bow Kit


crystal-candy-urban-henna-silicon-mat urban-henna--cake-web
New Design: Urban Henna DOC20715Urban Henna In Action 
New Design: Heart and Soul DOC200715Heart & Soul In Action 


 crystal-candy-boutique-bow-silicon-mat crystal-candy-boutique-bow-silicon-mat
New Design! 3D Boutique Bow Boutique Bows! Tutorial HERE!
santa-rosa-lowres vcrystal lace signature blend packaging picture-500g
CakeArt Gold Collection: The Stunning & Beautiful Santa Rosa NEW 2D / 3D Signature Blend Icing


 victoria mkhitaryan16bellaria cakes design-midnight garden-edited
Santa Rosa in Action Coutesy of Victoria MkhitaryanStunning Midnight Garden Courtesy of Bellaria Cakes