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The Best Cake Decorating Brands from Around the World with FREE POSTAGE!! ++ We aim to offer ONE GLOBAL BRAND PER WEEK! (These brands are not available to order from the website on a permanent basis :)

Have you always wanted to order the best decorating brands from the USA and other countries but found the postage costs more than the product?

Here is a great new service which removes that problem and allows cake decorators to be able to purchase the best cake brands from the USA and other countries without paying ridiculous postage charges!

Simply place your order by our ORDER DEADLINE which will be advertised via social media, our website and through our Newsletter and receive FREE POSTAGE!


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Crystal Candy Collections Website and Shop! (24/48 hour delivery if before 1pm!) +++ Crystal Candy products are in stock and available immediately! Choose from a large variety of designs, colours and collections!

Want to buy Crystal Candy Collections including  Lace Moulds and Crystal Lace Icing, Lustre Dusts, Mesh Stencils, Edible Fabric and more etc? 

Crystal Candy is not part of the Best of World Cake Decorating Brand Concept and is available to order now from stock (EXCEPT FOR NEW CUPCAKE BAS RELIEF MOULDS AND CAKE FLAKES) 

100% edible products, hand-made, high quality silicon, highly concentrated icing, stunning gold lustres.........


With NEXT DAY DELIVERY if ordered before 1pm!



Click on the brand below that you would like to see offered. OR CHOOSE YOUR OWN BRAND!

If we receive enough requests  we will create an ORDER DEADLINE + FREE SHIPPING for the brand!

So if you are part of a cake group or taking part in a online or off-line class then make sure your friends vote for the brand you need as well!

Global Sugar Art

From lace moulds to gel colours and more, the Global sugar Art brand guarantees every cake decorators dream products.


Lucks offers a huge range of high quality edible sugar decorations.

Simply Nature

We have already run 2 Order Deadlines on this brand and the number of orders never ceases to amaze.

Cupcake Creations

An relatively unknown brand but well known in the USA. High quality bakery level cupcake cases in a variety of colours.

Crystal Candy NEWS!! Rose Gold Love Edible Flakes BACK IN STOCK FROM FRIDAY 28TH SEPT

Dont Miss Out on Crystal Candy's Best Selling 'Brand in Demand': Edible ROSE GOLD Cake Flakes! 


How can we offer FREE POSTAGE on orders direct from the US for example?

Its simple! We combine together all consumer orders received by the Order Deadline, place the orders with the manufacturer and then send one large shipment to our UK warehouse. From here orders are sent directly to each individual customer!   

The whole process takes only 5 - 10 working days with most orders being delivered within 7 days. This is because most products are made to order and have to travel to the UK :)