Boutique Bow Tutorial

Crystal Candy Tutorials & Creation Kits: 3D Bow

How to Create a Bow Using Our Boutique Silicon Mat, Signature Blend 3D Icing and Pearlescent Lustre Dust Plus Accessories

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The kit has everything you need including; 1 x Boutique Silicon Mat, 100g Pack of Signature Blend Icing, 1 x Diamond or Pearlescent Lustre Dust, 1 x Smoother, 1 x 50ml Glycerine, 1 x Confectioners Edible Glue

tutorial. boutique 1 web  tutorial boutique 2
Step 1: Tools Needed  Step 2: Lustre Dusting the Mat 


tutorial. boutique 3 web tutorial. boutique 4. web
Step 3: Applying the Signature Blend Step 4: Removing the dry Signature Blend 


tutorial. boutique 5. web  tutorial. boutique 6. web
Step 5: Creating the Bow                                                                         Step 6: Folding the Bow


tutorial. boutique 7. web                           boutique-bow-in-cup-for-mailer-web
Step 7: Applying the four pieces together