ChocArt Discs

Introducing ChocArt, an amazingly innovative new collection from Crystal Candy, the world's leading brand of silicon mats for creating edible lace and chocolate decorations for the creation of beautiful cakes.

Choose from the ChocArt Panel Collection and the ChocArt Disc Collection below.  Or the technique can be used with our existing silicon mat designs from the CakeArt Collections.

The ChocArt concept is not only a collection of new designs encapsulated in silicon but also an entire new cake decorating technique. The technique is so easy to learn. Simply colour the chocolate with dusts or powders, or use milk, dark or white chocolate....... spread the chocolate over the mat designs, add a thick backing layer, set the chocolate, and then peel away the silicon mat to leave a stunning panel or disc to decorate your cakes.

Or alternatively use Crystal Candy's market-leading Signature Lace 2D/3D edible and flexible icing by adding it to the mats before applying the chocolate backing. 

View the full instructions Here

Crystal Candy: Leading the world in new cake decoration techniques and product collections: always something new.

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