Christmas Special Offer 2

Your Christmas Present From Crystal Candy! 

Special Offer 2

30% Off a selection of our OTHER product collections!  5 different products to choose from every day!

Here are the First FIVE for Thursday 30th November 17

Shai Le! A beautiful design that was one of our first ever.

Edible fabric! Edible. FabricArt. Use with Crystal Candy Mesh Stencils to create amazing printed fabric designs!

Mesh Stencils by Crystal Candy! Innovative new cake decorating tool which uses food-grade nylon to enable the cake decorator to create a stunning stencil design on fondant, Crystal Candy's Edible FabricArt, rice paper or transfer paper. See the demo video on the Home page.

Royalty! A CakeArt Gold Collection design. Perfect for creating a gilded cake decoration with a large central element for adding brooches etc.

Bridal Shine! Edible Cake Flakes! Another innovative cake decorating product from Crystal Candy! Simply add edible glue to fondant and press the flakes over the top.