We Need Crystal Candy VIP's

BE A CRYSTAL CANDY VIP!!!! Make Money Doing What You Love!

What exactly is a Crystal Candy VIP? 

It's a new concept through which we appoint people who love cake decorating and love Crystal Candy to make appointments at their local cake decoration supply shops and bakeries or even Days of Sharing to demonstrate our products.

We provide unique discount codes to be given to demo attendees and which can be redeemed through our UK/ EU/ Rest of World and USA consumer websites.

We then pay each VIP a commission based on their sales through the website.

Here's what Donald Joiner, our first Crystal Candy VIP has to say about his experiences:

''Being a Crystal Candy "Angel" in the Unites States has given me the opportunity to share what I know and increase my own knowledge of cake decorating through meeting other cake enthusiast. It has also been a way to earn some extra money to put toward things I want or to save for a rainy day.'' 
Donald Joiner

If you are a passionate cake decorator and want to work with the very best cake decorations in the world then either use the contact form on this website to request more information.

Or call the Crystal Candy team on 00 44 (0) 7504 931 732