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Pavonidea. Simply the very best Italian silicon bakeware. View HERE

Infused with platinum to ensure the baker benefits from the best of both worlds of metal and silicon.

Don't believe all you hear about silicon being floppy and leaving a smell after baking. Its based on reviews of cheap Chinese silicon.The top chefs in the world use Pavonidea silicon. That should say it all.

Laped. Probably the very best fondants , modelling, gum and flower pastes in the world! View HERE!

Laped uses new technology to products that allow cake and bake decorators to produce the best models and cakes quickly and easily.

For example, the modelling paste contains a large amount of cocoa butter which ensures flexibility at room temperature but rapid hardening once finished.

I Love Aprons! 

Unique Apron dresses from a wonderful design company is Spain. Made from high quality materials, the apron dress are one size.

Crystal Candy! Unique, elegant, cake decoration products.

From high quality, unique silicon lace mat designs to unique finish diamond lustre dusts: from revolutionary edible decorating material FabricArt to edible isomalt diamonds.