Making Silicon Bakeware Great Again!!

It's Time to Give Silicon Bakeware a Second Chance. 

Consumers have been put off after their first trials with this revolutionary baking material. Hence 'home-baker forums' reports of poor rigidity, uneven baking and colouring and the hint of a plastic taste to their cakes and bakes.

But this is because the first products to be sold in the UK used cheap silicon

Now there is a new brand of silicon bake and cookware available in the marketplace. Introducing Pavonidea! Using only high quality platinum silicon, Pavonidea offers rigidity, even baking and colouring, and an odourless, tasteless cake and bake.

Plus Pavonidea offers not only high quality silicon but great designs, colours, shapes and sizes as well!

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What the Cake and Bake World Has Been Waiting For! 

Combining the Benefits of Silicon and Metal by using Platinum Cured Silicon to Produce the Perfect Baking Moulds and Accessories.

Pavonidea proves that silicon baking moulds can be superior to metal ones. This is achieved by only using silicon cured with platinum metal. 

It means that bakers around the world benefit from both the non-stick, wide temperature range, easy-cleaning nature of silicon, and the evenly spread heat and colour that metal provides. 

Combined with Italian design flair, great colours, innovative packaging and competitive prices this makes Pavoni the first choice for high quality silicon moulds and accessories for UK consumers.

Why Use Pavonidea?

  • Food-Safe, Flavourless, Platinum Silicon: The use of food-grade platinum silicon ensures its use over a wide range of temperatures from -40 to + 280 degrees centigrade including freezers, ovens, fridges and microwaves. It also ensures that the food is not contaminated or flavoured by the silicon. 
  • The presence of platinum ensures even heat distribution. 
  • Variety: featuring a wide variety of unique designs from a children's collection to festivals, chocolate moulds to the classic baking silicon mould collection, tableware to utensils. 
  • Original Colours: the products stand out on the shelves and online with a fantastic array of original colours.