Customer Service Charter

Crystal Candy wants 'Customers fo Life'. We want you to keep coming back again and again.

Many companies offer fine words but not much action as regards customer service. 

We want to practise what we preach. It can be difficult, especially with unreliable postal services around the world but we want you to know that we will try our very best.

Therefore we think it is a good idea to place our objectives in writing both for our customers benefit and for our own. So here they are......


Crystal Candy's New Customer Service Charter.

- All orders will be dispatched with 24 hours.

- All orders over £50 will be sent 'signed for'.

- All orders not received after 10 days will either be refunded or re dispatched.

- Customer queries will be answered within 24 hours.

- We will always be professional, respectful and courteous in our communications with customers.

If you can think of anything else we should add please let us know! 

The Crystal Candy Team: 100% Professional Customer Service 


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