Welcome to Anglo-Spanish Marketing Services! Create a Good Impression with your English-speaking Clients & Win More Business!

A New Service Aimed at Ensuring Spanish Companies & Individuals are Able to Communicate Clearly With English-Speaking Businesses!

Are you a Spanish company or individual sole-trader and want to sell your products to the English-speaking market place and its businesses? We can help! 

We are native English - speakers based in Valencia and we hold post-graduate qualifications in marketing through the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

We ensure that your marketing copy in the form of emails, social media posts, promotional materials, websites and any other formats are written in a manner which is easy to understand and gramatt=ically correct.

More importantly, we ensure that your ideas and services are correctly communicated through these mediums so that nothing is lost in translation.

There are three options available:

1. Clients can ask us to translate their own orginal Spanish copy to English.

2.  Clients can provide us with copy that has already been translated to English but would like us to improve it.

3. Clients can provide us with a proposal and we create and write original copy in English.

Take a look at a example of a recent email that we were asked to improve by one of first clients ......Sinercus Gourmet Foods based in Valencia in Spain HERE!!!

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